New Mom Tips

Perfection is Overrated!

You are the ideal Mom for your child and you don’t need to concern yourself with trying to do everything just so. When life with your newborn gets challenging, don’t be afraid to ask for support from family and friends. Either a bit of hired help or taking turns with another Mom, can give you the space for some self-care.


Stay Nourished - Feed Yourself Too!

It's not the time for extreme calorie cutting or going on a restrictive eating plan. This is so crucial for a healthy mom and child. Ensure you're sustaining your body so you can be energized to really focus on yours and your little one’s needs. Concentrate on nutrition packed food varieties that are plentiful in calcium, zinc, magnesium, nutrient B6, and folate.

Know That It's Okay to Be Different.

Breastfeeding may or may not work for you, regardless of whether it's difficult to latch, a medical condition, or it could just be something you don't want to do. This is incredibly common; don't think you are a disappointment. Your baby will thrive with either formula or mother’s milk. No two Mom's do everything alike and that's ok!

Remember - it's a fluid situation (sometimes literally #diapers.)

Parenting is such a demanding and active role, that it’s helpful to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude. Get ready to pivot and have lots of change of plans along your wonderful and sometimes unpredictable journey.

Find a Community of Moms.

Surrounding yourself with other new mothers is so very important! You can go to one another for help, consolation, and guidance. Don't be afraid to step out and join a community of Moms. You might find it is one of your best allies in parenting. As the saying goes: "It takes a village"!

Take Time for Yourself and Your Partner!

Frequently, new parents forget to keep their relationship nourished. Between weariness, time with the baby, and all the responsibilities of daily living, it may very well be difficult to spend quality time with your partner. Whether it’s a few minutes or a full fledged date night, don’t forget to “pencil” each other in.

Know You're Doing Amazing!

Through active days and exhausting and sometimes sleep deprived nights, simply realize that you are the best mother on the planet for your child. When circumstances become difficult, trust yourself to handle things as best you can in the moment. You were made for this and you are doing an unbelievable job!